Some simple help needed, RGB cable for Saturn

Started by airthrow, October 10, 2008, 07:18:41 PM

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Hi Guys,

I have a Sony PVM-2030.  I finally got around to ordering a SCART cable for my saturn so I could play in beautiful RGB!  This is my first time making an RGB cable but I have made a lot of arcade sticks and can solder well.

Anyway, I wired RGB, Ground, and Sync to the connector, and I had perfect video.  But I am confused on how to attach the Left and Right leads from an RCA cable for audio... I tried wiring it the way that made sense to me, which was to ground both of them together with the wire comming from the system, but when I wired up the sound in this way, the screen now goes black when I plug in the Saturn with my RGB cable.

I assume this is a grounding problem?  Can someone explain from just RCA cables how I incorporate the audio?  I assume the wire wrapped around the inner wire in the RCA cables are the grounds, right?  Can I ground both left and right on the same ground together?

Am I supposed to ground them from the SCART end comming from the system, or am I supposed to ground them to one of the ground pins on the monitor end of the plug? (I hope I am explaining this right).

Thanks a lot for any help guys. 


All grounds are the same, and for peace of mind you should always connect all the grounds together.  This means that every ground pin of a SCART connector (or any other) should be grounded, 'cause you never know when one device or other will need it...  And if the monitor ground is not connected with the system ground you can get all kinds of weird things happening.

If you tied two grounds together and things stopped working then you've probably got a short somewhere. 

Check your wiring, then check it again.


Quote from: Lawrence on October 10, 2008, 07:44:19 PM
And if the monitor ground is not connected with the system ground you can get all kinds of weird things happening.

So on the schematic for my PVM, on the monitor connector pins 15-24 are all listed as grounds on the DB-25 that I replaced the SCART connector with.  Does this mean that ALL of those pins need to be grounded from the ground wire comming up the cord?  Right now I only have one of them grounded.

I appreciate the help, Lawrence!


That's right, you should ground them all.  It's possible that they don't all need grounding, but many devices will only use one out of several grounds, or might use just one of them to sense if a device is connected, etc.  It's not hard to do it, it never HURTS to do it, and it's a good habit to get into.  Saves trouble for those weird devices that actually need it.