Trying to make a Super Gun, Need help making a Chroma Converter?

Started by Drkirby, February 09, 2010, 02:58:42 AM

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Well, I am right now try to make a simple Super Gun, and have a few PCBs and a harness on the way. The main thing I am trying to figure out is how to output the display cheaply for the time being, and from the looks of it, a Chroma Converter would be best for the moment, since from the looks of things output as a Composite signel would be best for the time being, and I think thats what a Chroma Converter is supposed to do.

The main question is, is there any chip I could extract from an orignal SNES for this to save some cash? I have a SNES I got a while back with a failing PPU, but I would think (and hope) anything I could salvage would still work.

Anther option is that I know someone with a bunch of broken Genesis (Model 1 and 2 mainly) and PS1s (Orignal), could I extract a chip from that?

And after I do, any advice on how to wire it up? Or should I just stop trying to be cheap and get something prefabricated  for this?