Silicon Graphics O2 case, Wintel inside

Started by NFG, November 27, 2003, 09:46:00 PM

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So my current project is shoving a PC into this super-sexy SGI O2 shell.  I've got a flex-atx mobo that's been languishing in the unfinished Ultimate Stick so I'm using it to size up the O2 case.  First off, the O2 case is the single best designed case I've ever seen.  Two HDs, AV I/O + motherboard are all removable with a single hand-operated lever.  The CPU module has a PCI riser and slot, so it'll accept a standard PCI card.  The flex-ATX mobo lines up nearly perfectly, so I'll have to do about twenty seconds of dremel cutting to get it to fit flat.  The last hurdle before wiring it all up is the CPU + cooler, I've only got 25mm (28 if I really need it) of space from the top of the CPU socket to the PCI shield.  The extra 3mm comes if I cut up the shield a little, but after that I'm up against the PSU, so that's it for space.  Two pics:

What I need is a super slim cooler, and my good buddy Albx found this little baby which is definitely slim enough to fit.  Gonna see if I can find one 10mm taller, for perhaps more efficient cooling...