Genesis/MegaDrive Power Adapter size

Started by twistedsymphony, June 10, 2015, 04:36:37 AM

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I recently picked up a Genesis (model 1) Sega CD (model 2) and 32X setup... I have all of the original wall-wart power supplies but I'd love to make my own version of that "sega trio" AC adapter.

from what I can see the Model 1 Genesis runs on 9 or 10V at 1.0Amp, the Sega CD runs at 9 or 10V at 1.2 Amp and the 32X runs at 10V and .85Amp So I'm thinking if I were to get a 10V 3Amp power adapter (preferably a laptop style supply with a normal plug) and then build my own 3 way splitter to power all 3 devices from one adapter it would make for a much cleaner setup and by using a separate splitter harness if the Power supply dies I can replace it with another generic without having to re-modify it.

In any case I have no idea what the proper dimensions/size of of the Genesis power connector is and my trusty ruler isn't precise enough to measure it myself.

I basically need to know the outside contact diameter and the inside contact diameter
Thanks  ;D