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Super Squid Supergun

Started by Blaine, August 21, 2008, 10:54:22 AM

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Kinda the opposite of a lot of the well made integrated superguns, I'm building mine to more or less be a jamma harness that you plug parts into. Because of the long cables, I call it the Super Squid.

Very few surprises or interesting ideas, I imagine. Lots of heat shrink tube and 15 pin mini dsubs. I'm using an external power supply with a 4 pin quick disconnect and an external 15khz RGB to VGA encoder. The power connection is the ugly one near the top that I'm building a decent housing for. The video connection is...

Again, 15 pin dsub. Just like the controller cables. You'll notice a female USB port attached to the controller cable. I'm using my custom pinout from my joysticks to a 15 pin connector. Of the 15 pins, 10 go to the harness (up, down, left, right, ground, start, button1, button2, button3 and button 4), 1 pin is reserved for now, the other 4 run to the usb connector. The reason for this is I'm wiring all of my kick harnesses to terminate with a pair of male USB cables. They're dirt cheap, I have boxes of the suckers, easy to connect and disconnect and will pretty much hold under normal wear and tear....

The USB cable with the ring of shrink tube is Player 1.

Left to do:

1) Wire second controller connection.
2) Build a decent connection for power.
3) Build a small housing for service switch, coin switch, rgb pots, etc.

Again, nothing complex or earth shattering.
If you can mod it... I'll find a way to screw it up!


Nice, you should see my jamma harness' for my arcade rats nests.
I used zip ties (aka cable ties) on the one for my Versus City cabinet, little bit cleaner looking but theres still a completely full harness of wires.


looks good.  Definitely a money saving model


looks very interesting
I'm about to do the same proyect, I have a Jamma board that I want to use usb ports for the controllers.
In this case, my interested points are about the Up,Down,Right and Left buttons how can I wire them on the female usb port.
I don't know if it's possible to do it in a normal Pc joystick or I have to 'hack' the wiring parts.
I have successfully done it with 15 pin connectors, but now I want to try it with the usb port and I think that would be more practical, can you please give the instructions how to plug or solder and set up the Jamma wires to the female usb port?   


Welcome to GamesX. Unfortunately, the control port input doesn't map cleanly to a USB input without a separate decoder. There's a set of pages here that describe how to build a stick adapter that maps a controller to another input type:

...but that's the reverse of what you're asking for. What you're going to need to do is to find a decoder that takes standard USB human interface input and maps it to directional and button output. Unfortunately, any sort of custom programing is generally outside of the scope of what we do here at GamesX.