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Started by Link83, February 24, 2009, 05:47:45 AM

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Hi all,
Recently I have been wondering why almost everywhere calls the Nintendo AV out port used on the SNES, N64 and Gamecube the 'MultiAV' port. I myself have always called it that in the past, but having now looked at the actual port names on the consoles I cant seem to find a single Nintendo console that has ever had an AV port called 'MultiAV'

Heres what I have already checked and what the ports were labelled as:-
JPN AV Famicom - 'AV OUT'
PAL Gamecube - 'ANALOG AV OUT'

The only other possibilities left that I can think of is:-
JPN Super Famicom
JPN Super Famicom Jr.
US GameCube
US/JPN/PAL DOL-101 GameCube

Can anybody possibly check what the AV ports were labelled on these models?  ???

Other than that, when was the port ever called 'MultiAV'? Perhaps in the manuals?
I hope no-one minds me asking - im just curious!


I can't imagine why it matters, so I guess you're just idly curious.  I think it's just a descriptive term: Multi(ple) signals through the AV (audio video) port.  Since it's basically certain you don't have a Nintendo device with AV INPUTS, 'out' is dropped.

AV Connector is too vague, since some machines (GC) have digital and analogue ports.  "multi" isn't really descriptive enough.  'AV out' might have worked, but since the connector includes more than just composite video and audio (RGB, sync, Vcc) it's not ideal either.

So Multi AV it is!

Any better theories?


Thanks for the replies - no it doesnt really matter, I am just as you say 'idly curious'! (I dont want to change it in the Wiki or anything)

I would just like to know where the term originally came from, everywhere I have read calls it the 'MultiAV' aswell. I guess the term must have come from somewhere/someone, and that there was a reason behind that name (perhaps there isnt :o)

I always assumed it must have been called 'MultiAV' on the Super Famicom (the first system to use the port) but I have never seen a SFC for real so I dont know.

I would still be interested to learn what the missing systems from my list had the port labelled as if its not too much trouble for anyone  ??? (Especially the SNES2/Super Famicom Jr and the DOL-101 Gamecubes)

Quote from: IJTF_Cinder on February 24, 2009, 12:05:24 PM
Colored wire plug thingy? ???
They should call all AV ports that!  :D


I'd imagine people started calling it that because most systems are capable of outputting more than 1 video type through the same port.
Simply referencing it as "MultiAV" when dealing with others who are too ignorant to know if they're using Composite, S-Video, Component or otherwise for example.

I don't personally know ANYONE who has a clue what the names of these standards are. Nobody who actually knows what S-Video is, everyone calls Composite "RCA plugs" or something along those lines.
It's nice to know better/different and be ble to enlighten people sometimes though, as long as they're not stubborn jackasses!


You know, I think 'Multi AV' is actually the Playstation label for the AV port.


Quote from: Lawrence on February 25, 2009, 09:14:56 AM
You know, I think 'Multi AV' is actually the Playstation label for the AV port.

Bingo! Damn Playstation generation gamers.....mumble mumble "something something Pac-Man, something something Atari 2600"


I just looked up the PlayStation port and it appears to be labelled 'AV MULTI OUT', heres some pics:-

Its similar, but not quite the same. Perhaps the Nintendo port name was based on it though? Its also interesting to note that the Wii's new port is labelled 'AV MULTI OUT' aswell  ::)


If you're still looking in it, I can give you the port name for PAL GC DOL-101


Quote from: Fix_Metal on March 16, 2009, 06:10:28 PM
If you're still looking in it, I can give you the port name for PAL GC DOL-101
Sorry for the delay in replying, but if possible I would still love to know  :)
If you happen to have a pic that would be even better  ;D