Updating the wiki

Started by NFG, July 08, 2008, 07:20:59 PM

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I'm doing a big upgrade of the wiki.  It's way out of date, 'cause the changes I made to it made it really, really tricky to update without breaking everything.

But now I'm doing it!

Please let me know if you see anything not working as it should...  Currently it's ugly but working, as near as I can tell, and the RECENT CHANGES are completely fucked - the last thing they mention is from 2006, but the pages created and changed this week still exist...

So yeah, keep me posted!


OK, I have completely reinstalled the wiki.  All pages are still safe, but I had to re-do the CSS from scratch.  I'm happier with the new version than the old, but I freely admit I've got the design sense of a mule, so...  Forgive me if it makes your eyes itch or something.

Do mention it if there's any part of it that's broken however.