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My snes is wierd

Started by chriswalker8511, July 28, 2008, 11:53:58 PM

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So..... While i was trying to do the 50/60 Hz mod on my snes i realised that my snes was diiferent inside to the pictures in the tutorial i was using and pretty much every other one on the internet! So i was wondering if any of you guys could help by telling me if its different beacuse its from the uk ect.
My one is the on without the lines and boxes


Hi, it's a newer model. Check this thread for directions about the mod:



if you arent confident with electronics, i'd buy another snes.. the 1-cpu model you have there needs extensive work to perform a 50/60 mod.


Yer, i need to buy one of those crystal things don't i, so ill probably get another one