Anyone want to mod a XEYE and Turbo Duo for me

Started by CDiablo, July 24, 2008, 08:51:51 AM

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I hope this is ok to post.....dont want to bump heads with the mods. I did look around to see if there are rules, but couldnt find them.

I love my classic gaming and want the best picture possible for my tv's. Ive given my shot at modding and I suck, I dont want to ruin any more good game systems (CDX=Dead). I have an US  XEYE and will soon have my hands on a US Turbo Duo. I want s video mods done on both preferably by one talented dude or dudette. I am in posession of a MB3514 chip still soldered to a genesis 2 mobo for the XEYE mod. I am located in NY in the US. PM me if you feel you are up to mod and we can discuss compensation from there. Thanks all.

Tiido Priim├Ągi

I just finished modding one Xeye (region mod, audio mod). Best possible video out from Xeye is RGB, the connector is same as on MD2... you live in US it seems, and best for you is S-vid... which can be extracted from Xeye with ease.
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