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Started by phreak97, January 09, 2004, 01:00:54 AM

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for a while now i'v been wondering how hard it would be to put an led into a psx or ps2 memory card and make it act like the hdd led on a pc does, make it light up when data is being read or written to the card, i already have a green power led in my psx mc (nothing difficult there), just wondered about that.


It's pretty easy and I used to have a diagram for it...  If I find it I'll post it here.


/me awaits post

would it be very different between psx and ps2 mc's?

Thanks Alot!


ok its been a while, am i to assume you lost the schematics?
could you point me in the right direction to figuring this myself?



The only two psx memorycards I get fucked were both models with LEDs incorporated. So I will pass, it brings me bad rememberings about all that savegames gone...


perhapse thats cos you bought cheap ass generic memory cards:P this one is official sony, i already have a power led and zero corruption has resulted during the 6-8 months its been in there


Sure. I never said it was caused by the LED, just that it will bring me a bad feeling.


I once bought a 3rd party psx memory card, one of those 24 page ones.  I had it for a couple years with 0 problems, except for the one time that it touched the floor of my friends fan which was apparently magnetic according to him....  (don't ask)

Feeling Scared? ^_~


could we get back to my prob? its been ages since lawrence said he would give me the diagram:(