New A/V mods in the wiki

Started by viletim, August 25, 2007, 07:35:58 PM

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G7000 Videopac - A/V and RGB
Intellivision (PAL) - A/V and RGB
Colecovision (PAL) - A/V

I had planned to go through all of my old game systems but I lost motivation half way through the Hanimex 1292 (it's got a tricky audio circuit). So the rest (ataris, etc) will have to wait for another day. I've built and tested everything but would appreciate feedback in case I missed something.

I do have some notes on the video of the Sheen M1200 but it's such a horrible, horrible system that nobody in their right mind would attempt to 'play' it, let alone add an RGB output.


Nice mods! I didn't realize the PAL Intellivision was so different from the NTSC counterpart. All you can get from the NTSC's AY-3-8915 chip is composite video.

Do you know if there would be any problem playing an RGB modified PAL intellivision on an NTSC TV? Would I need to change the oscillator to get a full-screen picture?


You guys have been doing good work, and I appreciate it.  I've added several of these recent updates to the main page.