X68000 XVI Compact: Look Inside!

Started by NFG, July 03, 2008, 09:07:21 PM

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I found some pics floating around on the server that I seem to have forgotten I had.  I was opening an XVI Compact and considering putting it inside a SuperGrafx case.  Hudson did the OS for the X68000, which is good enough reason for me to consider it a PC Engine sequel (Yeah, it's nonsense, shut up).

So here are some pics:

The drives are very nice, totally solid.  They use a custom ribbon cable for communication and power, making them totally incompatible with any other hardware.

The motherboard.  Unlike the normal X68000, this one has pretty much everything on the single board.  There's no bottom board like the normal towers, and you miss out on some connectors, like the external poweron, and (it seems) the 2nd joystick port.  I'm not sure where my Compact is, or I'd check.

This is the layer above the mainboard.  Two ribbon cables connect the SCSI (not SASI) and external floppy board, and one each to the dual floppies.  The expansion bays are bottom-left and the tiny power supply is top left.

Finally, the reason I gave up on the mod.  The XVI Compact is just a little bit too big for the SuperGrafx.  Sad, really.  I had high hopes.  =)