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Playstation 2 + HD?

Started by RafaGamesSvp, June 21, 2008, 02:11:57 PM

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Hello friends want to know if you have any other way to use HD in the Playstation 2 and not by USB or modem (network access), or if is to build a modem or some scheme to turn right into the HD pak expansion of ps2? Thank you hug  ;)


I assume you're talking about a hard drive and not high-definition video? Using the PS2 network interface on an original-housing PS2 is the only official way. Given that the games using the hard drive generally also require a network connection (except for RPG Maker 3) then I don't see the benefit to hacking your connection. It's not like you're playing Final Fantasy XI offline or anything. Earlier PS2 models that didn't have the IDE bay used a proprietary hard drive connector that shipped with some early editions of Final Fantasy XI.

Using the hard drive for purposes of piracy is off-topic for this forum.


I use that one to play FFXI.  :)

That's not the most recent screen shots but it's ok :)

And a ton of japanese games support installing on the hard disk while playing on the disc (pretty much like the PS3 does now) to speed up the disc access.

FFXI starts without need to have the disc on the system.


Hi friends, I do not want to use the HD piracy! I have only original games, I just want to use HD in the ps2! Very beautiful this HD friend, I wanted to build one of these, is it possible? You would find me photos or a detailed outline electric? Abra├žo and apologise something! ;D


It might be possible, but based on the search results I've tried nobody has published a wiring diagram or a pinout for the PS2 expansion slot relevant to the IDE bus. Your best bet is still to get an official modem/network adapter and backward engineer it if you want to have the information rather than the capability.


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