PS2 Power Supply Pinout?

Started by knohbody, February 02, 2004, 02:34:08 AM

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Hey guys, making a psx controller interface for my pc and thought i'd try to steal the voltage from an extra ps2 power supply i have laying around. anyone have the pinout for CN2 (i'm assuming that's where i'll get the power, b/c that's where it connects to the mainboard) i know i can get the correct voltage from a psx psu, but i don't have one here. thanks in advance.


Why not steal the voltage from the PC?  You can extract 5v from any CD/HD/Floppy connector inside the case.  Also you could get it from the USB port.  Most power supplies don't like to run without an actual current draw, so you may find the PS2 powersupply is not only hard to hook up but overkill, and it may not work besides.


Thanks for the reply, Lawrence. The reason i was gonna take it from the ps2 power supply is that hopefully i'd get the correct voltage for both the 3.5 line and the 7.6 line (to power the dual shockyness) and didn't want a bulky adaptor. my plan was to put the controller port (off the same spare ps2) in my drive bay and only have 1 cord going to it. i'd heard about people drawing the line from a regular psx power supply, but i dont' think i've seen any projects with it in there, so you're prolly right. still, i'd like to try it.  


regulators are your friend:) you dont need a whole psu for that. theres an adjustable voltage regulator in the 'do it yourself dexdrive' thread in general i think, im not going to try telling you how it works, but if you cant find the right regulator(s) you could always try that.