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sms2gg schematic

Started by phreak97, January 09, 2004, 02:17:00 PM

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first off.. i dont want reply's saying "go buy the adaptor" or "wtf is the point go see ebay".

does anybody know exacly how to build a sms to gg cart adaptor?


First off you spelled replies wrong.  ;)

Why not buy the adaptor?  Aren't they really cheap?  Do you think you could do a better job yourself, or are you thinking to save a few bucks?  Remember that any mod you make will lack the nifty plastic shell the adaptor comes with, and unless you're really good, probably won't be as durable.

That said, you can find the pinouts for both the GG + SMS online, just connect the dots.


are the chips inside the gg carts the same as the ones in the sms carts? i mean aside from the obvious size difference.. could i just solder wires to a socket so i could just plug in the chip out of a sms cart? i could get a socket to be fixed into a gg cart, that way if i found a way to safely transport the sms chips it would take up far less room than carrying round the sms carts, also having it that way would make durable seeing i'd use the original plastic gg cart case.
to tell the truth i probably wouldnt use it heaps, i just like modding stuff, doing things myself.. doesnt mean i dont want to do it however.

i use the word chips because i dunno if theyre ordinary roms or what.. i couldnt be bothered to find out


here's a thought, would a gg2sms adaptor work?  I think that'd be neato.

Feeling Scared? ^_~


The GG uses more colours than the MS, which is strange considering the GG screen seems to only display three shades of 'washed out'...  The carts know this and use extra bits for extra colours.  When you shove a MS cart into a GG it uses the standard colours, since no extra bits are present.  When you slap a GG cart into a MS, the MS freaks out 'cause it's getting extra colour bits that it can't handle.

That's why it's a one-way process.


i know that but if i were to take a chip out of a sms cart and shove it in a gg cart (hypothetically for now.. size difference put aside) would it run?i mean would i have to change the wiring of the pins or is it the same on both?