Wii RGB Scart Cable Aspect Mod?

Started by Cyber Axe, February 24, 2008, 10:32:06 AM

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Cyber Axe

I have an official RGB Scart cable for the Wii and was just wondering if it was possible to changes the voltage on the sync or whatever line that the TV uses to auto switch aspect since its annoying that it just loads as 4:3 i was thinking a transister or sometihng might work? though i dont know enough about it to just try it

also would there be a way of stoping the "black signal" the wii sends out when its on standby so that my smart scart switcher no longer detects it?


Placing a 10K resistor in series with pin 8 should make the TV auto-siwtch into 16:9 mode. Cutting the wires to pins 8 and 16 will stop the auto-switching altogether.