Taking case off X68000

Started by Broken, November 20, 2007, 02:19:22 AM

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Hi sorry about the late reply and thanks for all your help. It was v much appreciated. The translation is fairly cool and better than anything I could get. Did u get it from a google translation? U were right about the X68000 being hard to take apart. Getting the screws off from the area in between the two towers was quite / v difficult + required brain work and initiative + improvisation. Anyway I took all the screws off the left side that I could see and the outer case on that side is quite loose but it still won't come off and seems tighter at the bottom. I even took the screws off under the machine where u can see a circuit board between the slats. Anyway thanks again for all ur help and anything regarding this again would be v much appreciated. 


I'm not sure what you're doing.  If you're just trying to remove the cover from one side, there are only 3 screws to remove.  None of the screws in the middle of the case need to be removed for any purpose (except maybe case mods etc).