CTC185AB2 TV Chassis Service Manual

Started by ken_cinder, September 04, 2007, 02:01:49 PM

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Anyone able to get their hands on this for me? I managed to get my hands on a service menu code for my TV that works, but doesn't quite match up with listed parameters. I also have access to a second set of parameters I can't find any info on.

As for finding a manual, can't find one without having to pay a ridiculous sum of money, which theres no way in hell I'm doing for the crummy 25" SDTV in my bedroom that I just want to make some adjustments to.




Yeah, I was able to get schematics there, but no service manual.
I saved the schematics for future use, TV is bedroom use only, and has outlasted what I expected of it at the price I paid so I figure it will be my first foray inside a TV for repairs when it dies.

It's ok though, I found a list outlining the parameters under code 76 (Service menu needs to be dialed to 76 to access params) and I figured out on my own, that 77 is actually presets, I'm assuming for certain regions etc.