footix please read

Started by acem77, August 27, 2007, 11:53:51 PM

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footix something is wrong with the PM system on this forum.
i can read your messages but for now i cant reply.
it is as if your account has been deleted.
pm your email information and i will reply to that



I checked - no user called footix exists.  It's almost certain that it was wiped out in one of my regular purges.  

Here's how it works: spammers register and post, but the moderation system deletes their post and their postcount remains zero.  I delete all members with zero posts on a regular basis, and this removes up to 80 spammer accounts per week.

So if a new user registers and makes no posts, they'll get annihilated.

Sorry about that, footix.  Re-register and POST SOMETHING and it won't happen again.  =)


doh! yes sounds like i've been booted off uber quick lol
should be ok by now thanks for the tip Lawrence!