blinking green power led

Started by pstriolo, August 14, 2007, 02:22:57 AM

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One of my friend has bought an expert X68000. This one seems to be out of service. We have tested the power supply and it's ok, the correct voltage are observed on the connection of the motherboard.

Nevertheless, the system doesn't start. When we connect the power and push the button on at the rear of the x68000's power supply, the green power supply's led just blink in green (on my x68000, the led is red). The led then become fixed when the power on button is pushed on the x68000.

The floppy detect the disk and allow to eject them but the system doesn't want to boot on the disk. And of course, there's nothing on the screen.

Does anybody have an idea about that ?

Thanks for your help.



   Does the speaker make a sort of helicopter noise? It looks like there's a short somewhere. Check the baseplate, the RF shielding in there sometimes bends the wrong way and causes shorts. Also try a different power supply, as the factory original units aren't reliable at all.


Sorry for my late replay,

The speaker doesn't make any noise.

Next step will be to change the power supply.