DC RGB on Game Gear disp?

Started by w00t@spunge.org, September 24, 2003, 09:45:05 AM

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Hi, i'm looking to mod my DC and GameGear so that my DC (after doing
the nifty RGB mod) will be able to use  the GameGear's excellent
RGB screen.  Does anyone have info on the GG's screen or the pinouts
of the screen? Thanks!!



The GG screen isn't RGB.  If anyone tells you otherwise they're either lying or confused.  It may be digital RGB, but there's no way to use that with anything but the chip that drives it - and that's in the game gear.

And the GG screen is about the polar opposite of "excellent", you'd get a far better image using a TurboExpress or Nomad, both of which DO accept normal RGB connections (and they're the only ones that do that I can think of offhand).


I thank you much for clearing that up, now
on to converting my PS/2 keyb for  my DC