Official: Black Lives Matter

Started by NFG, June 19, 2020, 11:01:22 PM

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Hey everyone.  A moment of serious talk, if you'll permit us.  Our awesome moderator Kendrick has taken some time to draw our official line in the stand regarding Black Lives Matter, and I'm giving it the official blessing.  I've added some notes at the end.


GamesX supports the Black Lives Matter movement. What started as a single nation's effort to spark awareness about racially-motivated police violence has become a global protest against systemic and institutional racism. The people who operate and maintain this website stand with this movement and have contributed time and money to the non-government charities and organizations that are working to move BLM forward.

We don't ordinarily get into politics or social issues on the site, and this post shouldn't be construed as an invitation for discussion or debate on the subject. But I want to make it clear where we stand.

Do you know what opportunity cost is? If you have an ancestor who was a slave, or a displaced aboriginal, or any kind of exploited minority, then your family has had less opportunity to accumulate wealth. On paper you might have access to the same education and the same learning resources as majority members of society. But the fact of the matter is the prior immediate generations in your family won't have the connections, or the libraries, or the inheritance to support advancement right away. This is further compounded when there are institutional mechanisms like redlining, or profiling, that further erode the fiction of an equal playing field. This is what the Black Lives Matter movement is attempting to draw attention to and fix. You should be interested in this topic, and you should do research and learn about opportunity cost from people who are way smarter and more articulate than I am on the subject.

Do you have a problem with disruptive protests? Black people have been polite and quiet and willing to educate others for centuries now, and if you've been paying attention you know that there's been barely any progress or change. The protests didn't come out of nowhere, and if you're black then you're perfectly within your rights to have lost patience with a world that hasn't paid attention until now. This is by way of saying that I personally view the global BLM protest movement as necessary and vital, and I don't mind any temporary inconvenience or discomfort that may cause when measured against the potential benefit for everybody in the future.

GamesX does not tolerate racism or racial inequality, and stands firmly on the side of the Black Lives Matter movement. Please reach out to me or to NFG if you have questions about the subject or would like to explore it further.


NFG adds:

Martin Luther King said that riots are the language of the unheard.  Being peaceful didn't work.  Being polite didn't work.  Silently protesting didn't work.  Black people are still getting killed and held down by systemic oppression, and bluntly, fuck that shit right off.

If you want a short look at how bad it is, techdirt has what you need.

GameSX supports BLM and stands against racism.  I don't know that many people here will have a problem with this, the community here is awesome and I am glad you've all been here for so long.  Let's keep on being good to each other, 'cause this world is fucked and getting fuckeder and we gotta have each other's backs.


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