CD-I power pinout

Started by raisinland, August 03, 2007, 07:54:27 AM

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Hi. I recently picked up a CD-i unit at a thrift shop. The power supply appears to be dead. I'm trying to figure out what's wrong but barring that I'll try hooking it up to a computer PSU. The unit lists +5V and -5V as the supply voltages, but the connector itself has 8 contacts. grey, green, white, three red, and two black.
From the board components green is -5V, black is ground, but I'm not sure what grey, white, and red should be.


We're gonna need more information than that, since there were at least five different companies who each produced at least two versions of the CD-i hardware. Can you provide a manufacturer name and maybe a model number? A lot of CD-i units used off-the-shelf parts, so it's possible that some of those power connections are redundant or unused. But we won't know unless we narrow down which CD-i you've got.



Thanks for the reply. I have a Magnavox CD-i 450. I finally found a note on the wiring on the group via google.

Power pinout: (Same connector as an eathernet cable)
Red,white,red,black, red, black, green, grey

Red: +5V (all lines tied together)
Green: -5V
Black wires 0 V (ground) (all lines tied together)
White: player voltage sensing for regulation
grey: turns on PSU

So the power supply won't produce any output voltages unless the grey and white wires are connected to +5V. I hoooked them up and it worked perfectly! On to the console.