[SNES] How to build a real analogik line out ? Where are the audio sources?

Started by localheureux, June 02, 2010, 05:20:03 AM

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I would to make an audio line out on my Super NES (RCA ouputs  or jack), I don't know a lot about electronic but I don't believe that just to solder 2 wires on the AV ouput gives a real audio line out, because the audio signals will be "divised in 2"  between TV and the audio ampli.
So I think there are 2 ways (please tell me if and where I'm wrong):

- 1) To cut the  left and right audio copper tracks and place a switch  to send the canals on the AV connector (so on the TV) or on a Line out output (2 RCA or a stereo Jack).

-2) Or without cutting anything, adding an "electronic system" to "copy/paste" (sorry I don't know the good words) the 2 left and right audio signals from the AV connector, "system" directly soldered on it.

About the 2) that's too hard for me...but if someone woulds to help or just explain me basically the theory ... ;)
And about the 1) I've got a problem.

The copper tracks of the AV ouput are hidden by a very thick green coat (of resin I guess), it's impossible to follow them from the AV connector to find where is the best area to cut and place the switch.
This green coat begins too close of the audio pinouts (1 or 2 mm max)  to work there.

So where is exactly the "beginning" of the 2 audio canals (left and right) on the PCB please (whiches go to the audio pinouts of the AV connector) ?

Thanks a lot.  :)

Or if someone had a better idea... thanks much more ^_^

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the joy of EU board with bottom covered with that non transparent stuff.... I have made a schematic of SNES sound system but it applies to JP machine with separate SPC module.....
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