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Started by Guest_Jimmy, January 16, 2004, 01:38:18 PM

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hello everyone I have a problem I want to buy a sega saturn, here in Mexico is very dificult but  I found a place where I can get one, but there's a little problem, the guy who have the saturn doesn't have the rca cable, and for me is very dificult to find one, so I think that is more easy make one, but I don't know so much about about circuits stuff, so I need help to make an rca cable, someone here know how or know a page where I can learn how to make one please    


If you have svideo in on your tv, you can get a saturn svideo cable from for like $8US.  If not and you wanna buy one, then look on ebay, they can be had cheap on there.  Otherwise someone posted hte pinout of the bottom of the saturn mainboard for you to add a generic port of your choice.

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thanks for the info, but I am newbie I dont know how to solder it to a rca or a s-video cable please could you explain me how to do this for example the sync signal in what part of the rca can I solder it, the rca have 2 wires one of them is ground? and the other is the signal? I need a lot of help  :P  


finally I found the info thanks for the help, anyway