Acess Led to the Sega Dreamcast?

Started by shadow the hedgehog, January 10, 2004, 12:28:10 PM

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shadow the hedgehog

Well, before I do something stupid, I wanted to ask if anyone ever tried to do this, if it is possible at all, and if what I'll do will just screw my Dreamcast or the led will actually work...

Examining the laser base (I guess it's possible only in the "offboard" dreamcast, i could never check the "onboard" dreamcast board carefully), in this pic

You can see on the red box, that the metal plate is cut carefully, and behind it, there are 2 soldering points....

Now with this other pic, showing the oposite side of the gd-rom board

You can see closer the soldering points, altough there are no indications that this is a led or something of the sort...

Any ideas/suggestions?

If this is not for a led, for what else could this be?

Thanks you for your attention.


Feeling Scared? ^_~


I guess foreign internet users have some trouble accessing my files. Do you know a good small and free server so I could host them?


This Forum allows you to upload small images, try using the feature...  I can't accurately test it locally, so let me know if you have success,


Yeah its been done. Riva16 @ The DCEmu Hardware Mods forum did it a while back.

But it wasn't a "real" acess LED, he connected an LED to the laser motor (the one that goes back and forward) so when it move in one direction it lit up. If you used a bi-colour LED when the motor reverses the polarity to make the laser go back the other way the LED will be a different colour!!!! :D  

shadow the hedgehog

Picture 1

shadow the hedgehog

Picture 2.

I hope it can help. Again, any tip/suggestion is welcome.



even if you cant see the pic you can right click the little box saying its dead, click propertys copy + paste the link.. there, magically the pic exists, and if you click back itll be in the thread too!


Did you even try that before telling us something so obvious?  It doesn't work, I get a 404 page when I try to open it in a new page.  It's either blocking some people or the file is missing.  Try to imagine we're not all idiots around here.


actually yes i DID try and it DID work, ok? i wasnt assuming anyone was an idiot, i was just trying to help ok? didnt mean any offence, seriously.. do you treat all your members like theyre complete f***heads  whenever they try to help out? omg..  


Quotedo you treat all your members like theyre complete f***heads whenever they try to help out?
Usually, yup.  

shadow the hedgehog

Okay okay...

Now then, any suggestion to me, now that the pics are available in one way or another???


"TP" stands for "test point".  It's not an LED attachment site.