Dreamcast & Saturn through component?

Started by GUTS, January 06, 2007, 06:24:17 AM

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Is this possible?  Do any of you guys mod systems to output component, or is there an accessory I can buy that will let me hook both of these up to my HDTV?  I tried reading through the RGB and video primers on here, but that video output stuff is beyond me for the most part, I didn't understand too much.

The reason I ask is I just bought an HDTV and both the Saturn and Dreamcast look awful on it, especially the Saturn.  Thanks!


The Dreamcast will output VGA at 640x480 resolution natively. Both the Dreamcast and the Saturn will output raw analog RGB. Neither one generates the HDMI or component video signals, and so a hardware conversion device would be required. However, this will not improve the video signal you are seeing, as it will simply take the existing signal and convert it to a different format, and does not change the natively produced graphic resolution. You would be able to use the component or HDMI inputs in your TV to view exactly the same image that you do with the VGA or RGB connections.



You could look at getting and wiring up a Jrok RGB converter.  Jrok Then get scart or rgb cables and wire them up to the Jrok with some kind of connector to swap out systems.  I would totally get the dreamcast vga box if your games will work with it as some don't. Or get the RGB cable here and wire it up using the diagrams on the wiki.  The Saturn cable is here also.

I did a jrok encoder box for my N64, SNES, and Neo-geo.  It works great but you also should know that thosesystems you have do have s-video cables and that would give you a boost in picture quality from useing the normal yellow video cables. If your intrested in doing a jrok box let me know and i could give you a hand.



Dude that Jrok thing is EXACTLY what I was looking for, you rule.  Thanks a ton, I'll order one up along with those RGB cables you linked to.  If I have any questions I know where to ask, thanks again for the help!!


Just to jump ,in and hijack the thread =) , Could I buy an rgb scart and a vga dshell connector and wire it to rgb to work on my arcade vga monitor ?