Access Led to Model 2 Saturn.

Started by shadow the hedgehog, January 05, 2004, 12:14:12 PM

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shadow the hedgehog

I soldered this led here to the sub board.

Tried both ways (switching the pins), with 3 different leds.

None worked.

Do I have to change or mod anything else, or this led won't work at all with a model 2 saturn?



That page doesn't work anymore so no one knows what you've done now.  Many round-button Saturns cannot be modified at all, and those that can have a place on the PCB for the LED to go, and a resistor that must be removed.  Or at least this is what I've been led to believe...

Note: If you don't capitalize LED it looks like led.  ;)


Hummm, weird the pic not working. Here is fine.

Well, on the sub board of my model 2 saturn (round buttons) there are 2 holes for soldering named LED 2, so i assumed that just the LED wasn't soldered at all.

About this resistor being removed.. Well, do you have any more previleged info about it? That may be the key....


WAIT, i thpught you had to PUT a resistor in, not take it out?


it is that you have to add a resistor, there was a link to it on at one point.  So far I've only found the place to solder it on the model 2 saturn with a seperate controller board.  Usually this is a saturn that has the 64 pin IC version of the cd board also.

Feeling Scared? ^_~


Hey, that is my Saturn! A model 2 with separate controller board!
Can you give me the link?


Humm, it will be tricky to find this 100ohm res and solder it... But, my Saturn wont last long anyway. Thank you very much for the info.


it's a lot easier than you'd think ^_^.

Feeling Scared? ^_~


Now that I found the soldering point, yes it really is, it's close to that flat cable that connects to the sub board...

Now I'll solder it this weekend and post here if it worked!

again, thank you.


Thanks!!! It worked perfectly!! :)