I've finished the DC mod :)

Started by Fix_Metal, December 26, 2003, 02:54:47 AM

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Well the pics that I've taken before modding it, have been lost (I guess I've deleted them because they sucks, too poor quality). However, if you want to see the final modded Dreamcast go here:
I'm not going to post the images as [IMG] because they are a little heavy...

I don't know. Maybe I should add more leds? :D


don't you have any comments? :\


You added a couple LEDs to a store bought replacement shell.  That's not really a mod, curious, or even that interesting.


We're trying to encourage mods around here, 'guest', not slam their attempts.  While fixmetal's mod isn't amazing by any stretch your kind of comments aren't really encouraging.  Please just shush.

And fixmetal:  Good work.  Scaled images would be nice, and may I recommend some symmetry next time?  ;)

Something I've been thinking about: Paint an image on the inside and illuminate it.  It could be very subtle or nearly invisible when the lights are off, and if you can do a decent paintjob...  Maybe it'd look nifty.


well...I like it that's enough :P
however, a paint in the inside...I suck in drawing....what do you mean by "scaled image"?
I didn't have a limited edition dreamcast  and I used my own one to "mod". I just bought the shell and add some leds, that's right. Try it by yourself. It isn't hard but it's a long work. I painted the inside metal parts with black spray, so you can't see them. well in those pics the dc sucks. the real effect is really really more great.
ehm lawrence, have you still got those 9 pins connectors? I'd probably buy them in january. I must solve a paypal transaction before...


the last consideration from myself:
this is a bit more than that sucking-lamer thing of modding the main led from red to blue, I guess...


Nice, I just wish they had replacement cases for the saturn ^_^, well that and I wish my dcast wasn't borked.  The drawing on the iside thing might come out cool, but as I reclal I thought the cases sort of blurred the insides so it wouldn't come out that great (been a few years since I've seen one IRL).

Feeling Scared? ^_~


scaled images: Shrink 'em down, boy.  They're massive!  Bigger than huge!

Taking pics of LEDs is really hard, you either get the full amount of colour but they're very dim, or you get the brightness where most of the LED output is white.  It's frustrating, it never looks as good as the real thing.