scart RGB to BNC RGBHV adapter?

Started by A Murder of Crows, January 09, 2007, 06:40:57 AM

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A Murder of Crows

i've gotten to a point where i just want to use my saturn system on my monitor, which can handle it, but i need a converter.  i have several RGB Scart cables for multiple systems, so a hacked up adapter that takes multiples would be best.

i do not have the ability in soldering to create one on my own, so i am forced to look into buying one of paying someone to make one for me.

if anyone has the ability or knowledge on where/how to make/buy one, please let me know

thank you


That's exactly what I'm looking for too. So please guys, help us. Furthermore, I heard that it is this way of connection which allows the saturn to display  progressive scan (31 Khz exactly like the native VGA of the Dreamcast). Thanks a lot.



This is from exactly twenty seconds of Google searching on "BNC" and "SCART" together as required terms:

The second page shows all their products, including switchboxes and multiple output panels. And here's a Saturn SCART cable in stock:

You guys really didn't need any help finding this stuff, it's everywhere.



to display Saturn signal as prog you need the line doubler of sort unless you want to spend fair bit for the transcoder...

remember you will get the more or less worse picture on your monitor than seeing Saturn signal on telly...


QuoteYou guys really didn't need any help finding this stuff, it's everywhere.
That's not true. Cables with SCART on one end and multiple connectors (BNC or phono) on the other for red, green, blue AND VIDEO (for sync) are extremely hard to find. Cables with RGB, video, AND AUDIO are virtualy non-existant.