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no Julius?

Started by Infinity's End, January 06, 2007, 07:43:51 AM

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Infinity's End

don't know if you already knew about this, or someone's already mentioned this...
I loved your Castlevania Sprite History of the Belmont Clan.  In Portrait of Ruin, if you go all the way through the Nest of Evil you can get an awesome Dual-Strike that shows 5 Belmonts sprites in the classic "whipping" pose.  It shows Richter, Simon, Leon, Juste, and Trevor.  Yes, there's a custom-Leon sprite! :D

Also,  I'm sure it's been brought to your attention that you don't have Julius on there...  And it's really odd since you show Johnathan....

You can find a great spritesheet of Julius Belmont here:, though unfortunately he is w/out a whip.  The Spriter's Resource is an EXCELLENT site for all your spriting needs.  Hope that helps.  Great articles, btw!  I really enjoyed reading them.