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Started by Saturn fan, January 03, 2007, 05:37:47 PM

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Saturn fan

I'm kinda new with Saturn console, and I think if you can help me. What I have read about Saturn's memory, it's said it's very small, and that you have to get Action Replay to get more memory. So what I'm asking is: is there another way to get more memory than Action Replay?


The Saturn's internal memory is huge. There are a couple of RPG and sports titles that take up an inordinate amount of memory, but for the most part it would be very difficult for you to use it all up. And for the record, there are official Sega-branded cartridges that can be used to expand save game storage, and these are superior to the Action Replay or 4-in-1 cartridges in several ways.



Well, you could be talking about 2 different things, so I'll try to answer both:

If you're talking save RAM, it's system's internal memory is good enough if you play a few action games here and there.  Many RPGS or some games take up a huge chunk, so you might want a Save RAM cart, and unlike the PS1 unit, one cartridge will be mostly likely good enough to save ALL your game collection's worth of memories.

If you talking about the system's RAM available for games, this is a different issue.  Most Saturn games will run fine on by itself (in fact, all US released games will), but a few Japanese games require an expansion cartridge mostly Capcom and SNK's fighting games - SFZero3, KOF98, etc...  

Here's a link that shows different expansion carts available for the Saturn.

Saturn fan

I read that Saturn uses batteries. How long does the batteries last before it is empty?


Sega recommends that you replace the CR2032 battery every year. As long as your Saturn is powered up regularly (once a week or more) then 12 months is a reasonable lifespan for the battery. Make sure that the console is powered on when you replace that part so that your save games aren't lost.



I havn't needed to reploace mine for , like, 3-1/2 years. Odd....


CR2032 batteries are very cheap, provided you don't go to your local electronics store and buy em. I have close to 100 Maxell Lithium CR2032s here, and I paid about $15 for em.
Also haven't had to replace the battery in mine for over 4 years now.

Joe Redifer

Hmmmm.... the Saturn lasts over a year with 1 CR2032 battery.  And the Sega VMU lasts maybe 4 minutes with 2 CR2032 batteries.  

I have two Sega Back-Up RAM carts for the Saturn, and both are almost completely full.  Of course I still have every game save from every game I have ever played on my Saturn since I bought it at the original launch, and that includes a bunch of rentals.  Yes, I'm a retard.   :P  


The VMU is constantly polling the Dreamcast controller when plugged in. Always remove your VMU when not in use, and battery drain won't be as bad.
Mind you they still don't last all that long.