Help! XRGB-2Plus and XSelect-D4 problems

Started by 123punk, December 15, 2006, 11:36:45 AM

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Hi, long time lurker looking for some advice.  I picked up a used XRGB-2Plus and a new XSelect-D4 while in Japan recently, and I can't get either to work properly for me.  I previously used an XRGB-2 and was hoping to upgrade my setup to allow component / d4 hookups.  I've been trying to use a PS2 (Component, D-term and RGB), a Saturn (RGB) and an Xbox 1 (Component, D-Term).  I initially tried to hook them up to a 34" Arcade monitor which takes VGA input (up to 800 x 600 i think), but then tried on my 19" CRT, and a 21" LCD as well.

XRGB-2Plus problem: Wavy, distorted images.

XSelect-D4 problem: output is green only, no red or blue.

I tried my old XRGB-2 with RGB hookups for the Saturn and PS2 on all three monitors and it works fine.  I'm scratching my head right now...any help is appreciated!  


If you're only getting green you've probably got the units set to RGB mode.  Since RGB has equal-brightness R, G and B it's expecting the B/R channels to be very bright, but you're feeding it a component signal where the B/R channels are very dim.

I'd bet you ARE getting red and blue, they're just barely noticable.


Thanks for the reply!  I Did some more testing and noticed the power supply that came with the used xrgb-2 plus I bought wasn't the stock i tried my old stock one from the xrgb-2 and it worked.  Bizarre but the xrgb-2plus wasn't getting enough juice - now the distortion has gone away.

I've now routed the xselect-d4 d-term out into the xrgb-2plus and the picture is fine.  But if i try the vga out from the xselect directly into a monitor the picture is still green only.

When you say I probably have the units set to RGB, what do you mean?  Is there a mode to change that would affect the xselect's vga out?  Thanks!