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Started by Drewman21, January 28, 2007, 12:18:38 PM

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Juat had a few quick questions on the wiki.  Looking to post some diagrams on the wiki.  I have no webspace to place the images on so i need some way to get them on the wiki.  A while back i was able to load a image up but now i can't.  Is there a size limitation or some kind of cut off?  Just wanted to know to see what i need to get things posted.  Thanks.



There shouldn't be a limitation, what kind of image are you uploading?

I had to prevent people from uploading some filetypes, but images should work...

I just checked.  I uploaded an image as a logged-out guest.  If you're having trouble, I'd blame your browser/isp/firewall/sunspots.


Hey Lawrence,
I was just looking to do a .gif image i make up from MSpaint. I didn't think it was too big but i'll see if i can't make it smaller and try again.  Thanks.