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PSX colour mod

Started by madmalkav, January 14, 2004, 08:27:00 PM

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Some years ago, when I bought my PSX -a 9002 model-, I didn't feel to pay for a RGB cable, so I did the colour mod. Well, the think works great, but now I'm trying to understand more about TV signals, I have some questions:

What in the hell that mod do? NTSC games are working 50 or 60hz in my PAL PSX? And NTSC or PAL?

Thanks in advance.


first off mostly im replying out of boredom so if im useless dont blame me..

you say you have a pal psx. if you only have a pal tv then your running either pal50 or pal60, second unless you have a pal60 compatable tv then you are still running the usual pal50.

i know thats all obvious.
also i believe the only way to make a pal psx output ntsc is to have a mod chip installed, either some mods or some psx's wont do ntsc at all.. at least mine doesnt, even on an ntsc tv its still black and white 60Hz. and unless your playing ntsc games then your still in pal, also being called a "colour mod" its possible it doesnt effect the format of the video at all.

that probably helped you about 0% but i dont care

EDIT: thats right i forgot what your post said after i started writing mine, stfu k?
lol :P


I think what he means by colour mod is that when he boots NTSC games on his PAL console, it will show in colour, and not black and white. Obviously the colour mod is for people who a) can't be bothered to just buy an RGB cable that will solve all your colour issues and give you the best possible picture, or B) who have a tv that isn't capable of displaying NTSC colour, but can run in 60Hz mode.


theres a mod for that?
gimme gimme


Just look for psx colour mod in google. You wil have to research a little to get a page for the model you have , but nothing really obscure and hard to find.