Genesis Expansion Stereo Input

Started by blackevilweredragon, November 06, 2006, 11:42:02 AM

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I wanted to add some info on the Genesis expansion slot audio pinouts..

It seems that all Model 1s DO have Stereo input, but NO output..  Model 2's have stereo input and output on the expansion slot.

Proof of this:  Put any model 1 on a model 2 CD, and notice the headphone port on the Genesis will have full stereo CD sound..  BUT, the audio out on the CD has nothing (as THAT is the mixing cable, because the expansion slot merely doesn't have audio out)..

A model 2 Genesis on a model 2 CD, results in full CD stereo sound on the Genesis AV out, and the audio out on the CD, also has full Genesis sounds too..

Thought I would add this correction, as lawrence thought the model 1 didn't have stereo input...


I Was apparently confused, but I DID know the right answer in the past.  I know teh mixing cable was for adding the stereo output to the CD's RCA jacks, and I know the expansion port was mono (in at least one direction).  

So, all is good again in the world, nice work dragon.


i actually can't find any mono audio at all on it, except the main AV out on the Genesis..