My apologies to the Russians

Started by NFG, November 03, 2006, 09:56:36 AM

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With apologies to any Russians who use the service, has been banned from these forums, and all accounts using have been deleted.

It's pretty common for addresses to be used for spurious signups, and a large portion of the spam we get is from this domain.


I can't help thinking of Napoleon jokes with that subject header. I want to add my apologies to the rest of the community for not always keeping pace with the spammers.  

I do want to ask that we not have a kneejerk reaction by posting commentary in response to any advertising posts, please. Remember, these guys aren't actually reading our boards so they'll never see your funny jokes or your suggestions. If you happen to see spam I haven't deleted yet, please ignore it knowing that Lawrence and I are taking appropriate action. For every post you do see, there's probably a dozen I've wiped out that you didn't.