I know the server's unreliable.

Started by NFG, September 08, 2006, 07:41:46 AM

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For several years nfg.2y.net, gamesx.com and nfggames.com have been running on a server I installed in Japan.  It never had a drop of downtime, not even a moment's loss, except for a motherboard failure, and scheduled maintenance.

Now it's unreliable as all hell, and the webserver shuts itself down within 2-5 days of being started.  No one can fix it, no one can even replicate the problem or tell me exactly what's happening.

It's making me crazy.

I've already found another host and will be migrating the site in short order.  I apologize for the terrible troubles.


QuoteI apologize for the terrible troubles.

No need to apologize! I think I speak for everyone when I say "Thank You!" for continuing to maintain this site and provide this information free of charge!

"Console Mods" lurker


I too would like to thank you for keeping it going.  It helps at work to take the edge off for a bit (hour or 2 ;) ) to sit and read up on what people are doing. Thank you sir!