Sony KV-25XBR

Started by Rockin' Kat, October 25, 2006, 11:57:52 AM

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Rockin' Kat


I'm on a time crunch.  I have an opportunity to buy a KV-25XBR with add-on stereo speakers that appears to have RGB for $20

Anyone know if this an Analog input?  It looks like an IDE port and says RGB multi something something....

When I searched for the thing online I found:

A person asking if it was worth getting fixed... who was essentially told he could get another 25" TV for less that $100 new. *Blech*

Archives of same stupid forum topic OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

ebay auctions for brosures on the TV  *meh*

Stores selling technical documentation.

Store selling remotes.

A search of this forum doesn't appear to bring up anything relevant to this particular monitor.

I really don't want to spend another $20 on another TV that turns out to be something other than what I am looking for.

Rockin' Kat

Well... I went and tried doing an image search instead and got two results....

One of them was this:


If you have access to the TV then you can use a multi-meter to measure the resistance between one of the video inputs and ground. If the resistance is 75 ohms then it's an analogue input.


   The lack of an Intensity pin means it's almost certainly normal analog RGB. You should definitely pick it up.

Rockin' Kat

Welp I bought it I bought it.  :D

So far: The external (no internal) speakers are shot... but that's not a big deal.... I can get something better there anyway.

A weird thing.... When I turned it on at first the picture was hozed.... very very dark(and the picture settings weren't changing anything)... I flipped channels.... switched inputs.... then I went back to the tuner... pushed in 42 and got static.... before it had shown static as a black picture... but now it shows static like the white snow one would be familiar with.  So I change channel and picture is perfect.  tested it for another hour with the speakers off my stereo system and it seems to work ok off compoosite input, DVD playback looks peachy... May have something intermitant... if so I could probably just get it fixed.

I think I did ok. Once I deal with the speaker issue, I'll just need to get some cables made for RGB.  (I'm not real good with the soldering iron, my hands get too shakey and I end up getting more solder on the iron than the points I'm trying to connect.) I really look forward to trying it out with RGB input.