Suggestions: Component to VGA?

Started by Blaine, October 23, 2006, 11:29:08 AM

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Any suggestions? I know there's the full featured solution of an XRGBx, but right now all I'm looking for is a way to play component enabled consoles on a vga monitor.

If you can mod it... I'll find a way to screw it up!


Component to RGB is a simple transcoding process.  Most consoles with component video offer progressive as well, but some - like the PS2 - have very few titles that support this mode.  

You can't use progressive transcoded to RGB on a VGA monitor without upscanning it first, and that's why you need the XRGB.  Note too that the XRGB 1 + 2 don't accept component, for that you'd be looking at the 2+ or 3.


Now would you only recommend a Micromsoft XRGB?

I've seen people mention the Vdigi transcoder:

Then there's also 'component to vga' boxes from random importers:

Basically, I'm looking for something for my girlfriend to buy me for Christmas. I'll have a lot easier time getting her to bite on a $50 item then a $120.

I have found some information on building a DIY transcoder (originally designed for the xbox, but the schematic shows it's pulling component), which I may try one day.

But right now, I'm looking to tell my girlfriend what to buy me (and I've screwed up a few DIY DC VGA boxes, so my record is less than stelllar).

Any suggestions on what to get? Is anything less than an XRGB a waste of money?
If you can mod it... I'll find a way to screw it up!


Neither of the boxes you linked upscan or scale the incoming video to VGA or above.  They will only work on consoles that output progressive video and then only when playing games that support the progressive modes.  

An XRGB isn't exactly cheap, but it's not really that expensive when you start looking at the prices of other decent scalers/line doublers.  There are cheaper options, but they usually only accept composite video and the picture quality is bad.