Sega Genesis FM Synth

Started by blackevilweredragon, August 18, 2006, 01:32:59 PM

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Is it at all possible to mod the Genesis to accept MIDI so I can play with it's YM2612 like it was a racked synthesizer?  I would love to pump out some metalic bass with that console...


Well, I'd guess if you used the Miracle Keyboard cart and some kind of rom hack and interface mod.........
Theoretically possible.


Everything's possible, it's a matter of how easy you want it to be.  =)


Read up on the chip.
It's 5 pre-defined voices, and one user-defined/sample playback.
You could work out the interrupts and calls on the chip and on a simple (yamaha?) keyboard and get 6 voices easiest, programming that 6th voice...not easy.


Anyone?? This would be so awsome. I'd buy the miracle keyboard just to play my genesis synth.