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Started by liveness2006, October 17, 2006, 08:29:43 PM

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Well I was thinking about the NES and there seams to be limits of the stuff you can mod on it because of the old technology well what about the thats a newer improved NES... does it still have the same limits as the NES.... I was just wondering if you guys have any kind of cool ideas or mods that I could do to it, or mod that I usually couldn�t do with the NES because of the limits it had......
Thanks in advance... you guys are really helpful


In spite of the pretty packaging, the Messiah is just another NES clone. While these are subject to compatibility problems, they're popular for mod projects because the whole console is consolidated and/or emulated down to one chip. These are commonly referred to as NOAC, or "NES-on-a-Chip" devices. If you're building a project based around NES functions, original NES consoles are more plentiful and there are cheaper NOAC devices available than the Messiah.

-KKC, stuck in meetings all day...