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Started by NFG, December 28, 2003, 01:27:44 AM

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I'm working on putting a CoreGrafx inside a six-button PC Engine joystick, including RGB, S-video + composite output.  As you can see below, I had to extend the cart port cable to reach the opposite site and create metal standoffs and brackets for the PCBs.  The chroma encoder uses a couple of plastic mounts from a PC, the cart slot is braced against the joystick mechanism.

There was a lot of dremel work involved in creating the brackets, and as you might notice it was employed again in removing the power connector + pad connector.  The original stick's cable was cut and soldered to the PCE PCB.  The power switch, AV + pad connectors had to be removed to allow the stick to close properly.  Cutting the hole for the card slot was a lot of work, and lining up the card connector was tricky.

Still to do: external connections for power and AV, and fine-tune the card-port.

This pic shows the inside before the chroma encoder was added.

This shot includes the chroma encoder.

Here you can see the +5v, composite video + GND connectors running to the chroma encoder.   The thin blue wires run the RGB wires from the PCE to the encoder.

I used a 40-wire IDE HD cable to connect the Hu slot + PCB.  This was the most time-consuming part of the mod.

The plastic supports are hot glued in place, the elastics are temporary for now.  Once the wiring is complete it'll probably be glued in place.  I'm still working on this part.


Sweet!!!! Wow you musta been patient doing that IDE cable :D  


Nice, Is that a Demiro encoder?

How's the Svideo? I had some vertical bars on certain colors when I hooked it up to my PCE.

I was doing a project like this, instead I was going to shove the guts of a genesis 3 inside a Japanese Virtua Stick.

I felt bad about hacking up a Virtua stick and quit. :(  


Virtua sticks are worth about Y300 here, hack away and buy 20 more to replace it.  ;)

The Svideo has some vertical bars, but I haven't yet tried to fix it so I dunno how pronounced they'll be when it's all done.