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Started by leo222, October 07, 2006, 04:04:46 AM

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hello is there a way to wire a playstation 2  scart cable to my lcd monitor to play on the monitor  without  the pc i meain   so i can play the ps2 on my pc monitor without the pc connected is there any wireing diagrams  


Leo, very likely your LCD monitor doesn't support the 15 kHz sync rate produced by most game consoles. Most likely the best solution for you is to purchase an upscan convertor, which will allow SCART or RGB input in one end, and connect to your monitor via a standard VGA cable. Here's a link to an example of the highest-end hardware:

The XRGB-2 runs around $200 in US currency, but there are more affordable alternatives available if you do some research.

In the mean time, I'd like to point you to Lawrence's video primer and XRGB-2 review on the front GamesX page. You should make an effort to understand how video signals function so that you can take advantage of the different options available to you. Here are links to those:

-KKC, who has to work on Saturday. Dammit.