VCR to RGB (arcade) monitor

Started by antron, October 09, 2006, 10:01:42 AM

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I am trying to connect a Samsung SV-5000W multi format VCR to my arcade monitor so I can play my Atari on it.   The SV-5000W has a Scart connector.  I know my monitor can take Composite Video as a Sync, because it works with a Playstation that way.   I found the RGB  and Composite out pins on the VCR's Scart, and I can get a stable picture, but I can barely see it.  It is very bright, but almost completely  washed out in green, with some weird sin-wave like intensity.  I also tried it with 220 uF caps on the RGB lines.  The green went away, but still washed out in white.

Any clues?


It's very unusual for a VCR to output RGB. I've never seen such a thing before.
There are a lot of things that can go wrong doing what you're trying to do. But if you can connect a Playstation to your monitor (with a commercial SCART lead) then that rules out most things.

Did you forget to connect the ground wire?


I got the ground.  I was using the shield ground, but now I am using the sync ground.  

I realize now that this scart connector only has rgb inputs.  I can connect my consoles to it and have it convert to composite.

I guess what I am seeing is some sort of feadback coming from the rgb inputs?   I really can see a silhouette of the video when I press play.  



I dunno.... Of the few european VCRs I've seen, most had two SCART sockets with the RGB video passing between them untouched. If you can't see any colours in the picture then it might just be some video noise getting through the sync line...



or, could a vcr be hacked to output rgb?

or is it that vcr's don't actually use rgb internally like tv's do.  is that why almost no vcr's output rgb?


If it's standard VHS, they internally do composite..  If it's S-VHS, it internally does S-Video..

If it has an OSD, it does RGB internally for the overlay circuit (sometimes...)