Nes displaying grey & black on recent TV

Started by arjii, September 27, 2006, 05:56:03 PM

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Hi everyone,

I felt on this message board and i thought it was a good idea to post here, because i've got quite an issue with my Nes.
I've bought one a few days ago, it's french one, i think it's the so called toaster, not the toploader one...
well, here's waht's going wrong with it: on my main TV, a samsung plano, the picture is really poor, it's grey on black background, king of a ghost (?) picture, almost unvisible.
I've tried on both TV scart, taperecorder but it's always the same.

Hopefully, i've got a crappy lstudent little tv, and my nes is working fine on this one. well even if in some case it could be usefull playing on another tv, i'd rather play on the big one to enjoy mario.

Is it the rgb stuff i can read everywhere?if it is then sorry i'm quite a noob with this (scart = cable = plug and play for me ^^)
If no, how can i fix this?

In order to help you here's a picture of mario/duckhunt on imageshack

My main tv is samsung cw-29m064

If someone could help then thx a lot!  


What you're seeing is what can happen when you have a TV with a SCART plug that doesn't accept RGB.  The composite-sync signal goes into the TV, and the TV tries to use it as composite video.  Because there's no actual video data, all you're left with is a kind of 'leftover' signal, hence the ghosting.

I'm not sure that's what your problem is, but it's a similar result.

I know some French NES systems have RGB/SCART/Peritel outputs, and if that's what you're using you just might find the TV either doesn't accept RGB through the SCART connector, or the TV is not in RGB mode.


I'd say Lawrence is on the right track, your set isn't in 'RGB Mode'. The video source (NES) does this by a voltage applied to a pin on the SCART connector. When you connect your little TV to the NES do you have to setup anything or does it automaticaly switch over when you turn it on?


Thanks for your answers!

About my little tv, I didn't setup a single thing, I just plugged the scart in and that's all. it worked fine.

I did check yesterday at my main TV and i've seen that one scart connector is labelled as 'rgb' and the other one is left blank, but unfortunately for me, they are both returning to me what you can see on my first post.
Well I don't know what to do but looking for my tv manual and try to look if there is some hidden feature in it to fix this.

Sorry for answering so lately but i can't post at home, getting 404 when doing it. I'm doomed for sure. :(

ciao all