Complex replacement for scart cable

Started by Alex77au, August 27, 2006, 09:29:46 AM

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Although I've since bought a genuine Sony euro av cable I was wondering whether the following cable system would work.

A Sony av adapter with a ps2 component cable plugged into the av multi out on the end then plug the component cable into the RGB Plus Sync RGBS Scart Adapter (pictured)
to get sync use a single rca cable  plugged into the composite out on the Sony av adapter and connect to the sync socket on the RGB Plus Sync RGBS Scart Adapter.
It's probably a great waste of money and over complex but I think it'd work.
Another downside would be having no audio to the tv but with the spare stereo outs on the Av adapter you could just run the sound to a hifi system.
If I get the time and money I might try it out and post the results and pics.


That is not a component->RGB transcoder, it's a pinout convertor.  It doesn't change the signals, it just rearranges the pins for TVs that accept component through the RGB slot.


So it wouldnt work if I set the component out on my ps2 to rgb and plugged it it into the scart socket on my Grundig  tv?


No. You would have to buy a scart cable instead.


Well, it might - it depends on the pins used for component on the SCART connector.  If your TV uses the same pins for component as RGB, then you might find it works, though you're right, you'd have no audio.


It'd be an expensive test to see if it works but I've always liked testing things out just to see if they work  :rolleyes:

mr. newbie

kind of related-isn't the difference between component and rgb (on a newer system that can do both) minimal?


mr. newbie,
Yeah, pretty much. It's not difficult to convert between the two. Though if you can chose then go for RGB on a CRT TV/Monitor.

Don't buy audioless SCART accessories/gadgets, you'll only encourage them!