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A couple questions...

Started by Segasonicfan, December 23, 2003, 09:29:26 am

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I am trying to figure out how to do a mod for Sega CDX and/or 32X to make the 2 systems portable.  It's a project I would very much like to undergo this summer.  There's only 2 things I need, basically, which will make the system portable:

1: screen.  How hard is it to connect a screen to the yellow/white outlet prongs?  Where can I get one?

2: power.  I believe if I cut off the end wire of the AC adapter I can plug it inot the CDX and attatch an Ni-MH battery of the correct voltage (9V).  any reason this shouldn't work?

Also, one last question...what type of wire should I use to do my mods?  I don't believe my copper wire is working...lol.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


P.S. Let me know if I am just insane and this mod would be impossibly hard...heh.


eh, you'd need a pretty hardcore battery I would think, but I'm not a super genius.  And by yellow/white outlet prongs, do you mean the left audio channel and composite video?  You can get a screen that will run on there from lots of places, just search for gamecube screen or ps2 screen on ebay, or gamestop or wherever you buy games, keep in mind you will need another battery to power your screen off of.  I know that hte ps2 screen runs on 12VDC (atleast mine does) cause I just recently had to replace the power supply.

Feeling Scared? ^_~


Hrmm well i was hoping to get a more compact screen (and something cheaper) than a PS2/GC one...what I'm trying to do is mimic what .Ben Heckerdorn
does, but make my favorite systems portable.

If somebody could answer my querstions I would really appreciate it....thanks :-)



Hi. I fear Sacred Rabbit may have a good point. Even Mr. Heckerdorn had to admit the combination of systems draws too much power. I'm not really assured of the details, but he had a very good way of explaining such power requirements.

Hope he doesn't mind the linking, but it is an excellent explanation.


Sure, it's a good point, but I could always get a larger battery size...I dont mind how much power it uses as long as it stays above 2 hours.  I dont play video games as much as i collect due to time constraints, so 2 hours a day is more than enough ;)  I wish I knew what kind of wire they use inside the consoles though...and how to hook up that friggen screen! :\
Thanks for your advice,



I think you'll find most consoles don't use "wires" in them.  As for battery size, I think you'll be quite disapointed by any result you get from this.  I'd suggest just running it off a cigarette lighter adaptor, and only using it while the car is on.

Feeling Scared? ^_~


as for wires, I was referring to mods mostly.  And it's not portable if it just runs in cars...I don't really care about that.  *sigh* looks like I'm on my own, but I am gonna do this!  I just need to find some help...*whimper*



Honestly, not to be mean or anything, but if you ask the question "what type of wire should I use?" then you probably need to do some studying before taking on a project like this. Tackle some smaller projects, and get a better understanding of electronics, then come back to this.


Heh...I already tackled the project and made the systems portable...I just need to make the unit compact now/build a case.  I have tackled many projects before and the wire question was in referrence to a Genny mod that wasn't working...I was lost at what the problem was and wondered if copper/aluminum wire was the reason.  But now I have a portable CDX/32X...mwahaha...the first one :-)


Hate to burst the bubble of all those people that say it cant be done, but all you really need is a li-poly battery.

You can us li-ploy cells and get a couple hours of play out of this you just need to find ones that have a large enough capacity.

Looking for old laptop batteries on ebay is one good source.  It might come from a 133mhz laptop but the battery is just as fast  ;)