Pal saturn to permanent Jap

Started by Hey Yo, September 29, 2006, 05:54:48 PM

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Hey Yo

I have a PAL sega saturn that Id like to mod to Jap, Im not interested in adding a switch as I also have another PAL saturn.
So, ignoring any switch, how do I mod the system to jap? Is it just a case of setting the jumpers to the jap setting?

If anyone can link me in the right direction or help out, thatd be great

Ps im taking care of the 60hz switch ;)


Remove the original 'jumper' (pcb track) and close the jap one.


sorry one more question, this ones gonna seem real stupid.
after I de-solder the relevant "bridges" (I believe thay are the "pcb tracks" you refer to) on the jumpers, I take it that when I solder to the jap jumper settings, I need to re-solder those "bridge" parts that I previously removed onto them?

man, thats a dumb question, I just wanna know for sure before I blow my spare saturn skyhigh

cheers in advance