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Quick x68000 question

Started by blue lander, June 22, 2006, 05:42:35 AM

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blue lander

I finally hunted down a CZ-6be2 off of Yahoo Auctions Japan. I put it in IO port #1 of my CZ-600 X68000 and tried to fire up Nemesis 90. However, it still acts as if I only have 1 megabyte of RAM. I checked all the dip switches on the cz-6be2 and they're all set to off, which as far as I can tell is correct. Is there anything else I have to do to make the card work?

Now that I've done a little more research, it looks like the 6be2 doesn't occupy the same part of the memory map as the 6be1. Do the necessary address pins come out of the IO port to map the card to where the 6be1 would be?


You need to use the SWITCH program (it comes with your system disks) to tell the X68 you have more RAM.  This sets the max RAM amount in the NVRAM where all software can see it.

blue lander

Thanks! I ran switch.x off my system disk, and tried changing the setting to memory=2048k. It wouldn't let me, but it would let me. It would le tme change it to 3072 or 4096, though, so I did that. I tried Nemesis 90 and Strider again, but they still wouldn't work (same errors as before). Any other suggestions? Does it matter which IO slot I put the RAM card in? Should all the dip switches be set to off?


I've never really had luck with RAM, I just kind of slap it in, run SWITCH and hope for the best.  Sometimes it just doesn't work, lending an air of voodoo to the whole process - even when it does work I don't know why.

blue lander

Hmmm. According to the babelfish-translated x68000 FAQ:
1. X68000/ACE/PRO system

          Because with standard only the 1M byte it is built-in, first it is necessary to increase in the private slot to the 2M byte. Other than the sharp product there are those below.

          + SH-6BE1-1ME (for unlabeled X68000, I/O data make) + PIO-6BE1-AE (for ACE/PRO and I/O data make)

      * The extended slot is used concerning the amount which exceeds the 2M byte. Other than the sharp product there are those below.

So it looks like you need the 6be1 to extend an original x68000 to 2mb, and then a 6be2 or 6be4 to extend it beyond that. I guess I'll have to keep hunting on YAJ!


That's really unusual that the first X68 model uses different RAM, I didn't know that.  It's weird in a few other ways that I knew about though.  Different drives, a weird 'eject' button at the back, etc.